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Point of View software is 100% free

Point of View is 100% free because we introduce you to our partners who want your business.
You are under no obligation to purchase any of their products or services.
Nevertheless we rely on their support in order to continue offering you our services free of charge, so we hope you will give them a chance to earn your trust.

Payment Processing:

EVO Canada Inc: Professional Merchant Services EVO is the largest privately held credit card processor in the US and Canada transacting nearly 400 million transactions and $30 Billion annually. EVO actively manages electronic payments on behalf of over 400,000 businesses of all sizes and industries including Optical Stores and Ophthalmic Labs. By choosing EVO, your practice will benefit from better prices , tier 1 technology, security, and 24/7 customer service and technical support.

By partnering with Point of View Software, EVO can provide the optical industry with a more efficient and cost effective method for processing credit and debit transactions. A few of the benefits of this partnership include:

1. Better prices

2. No more costly errors when keying transaction amounts into terminal

3. No more manual reconciliation of credit card payments with invoices

Website Development:

Pixstream Media: Website | Flyers | Store Signage | Business Cards

If your store is selling products via the internet, then you're never closed! Imagine selling contact lenses on a monthly/recurring basis to customers who never set foot in your store! Imagine your store appearing first in Google searches when people are looking for an optician or an optometrist in your neighborhood!

Pixstream Media is a boutique marketing firm located in Montreal's historic plateau neighborhood. Pixstream's experience in the optical industry makes them the ideal partner to build a high performance website designed to drive maximum customers to your store. Pixstream's websites for POV customers all come with the "POV Appointment Plug-In" which permits your customers to schedule their appointments via your website and directly in our database for tracking and management purposes. Visit our website for a look at their portfolio, or call them to discuss your needs.


Desktop Thermal Label Printer Price:
Datamax: E-class Mark III Advanced
Direct and thermal transfer = quality + durability (300DPI)
- Label printer for printing on plastic labels for frames and shipping labels for lab orders.
- Plastic labels are superior to paper labels in and that thieves will not be able to remove them by hand, and that the text/barcode will not fade over time

Barcode Scanner:
Honeywell MS9540
Rugged design / patented "automatic" infrared activation.
Scan any barcode in your store and POV will "automatically" display the data you're looking for (Invoice, Frame, Rx Worksheet, Shipping Label, etc)
Other barcode scanners are less intuitive. You must "first" mouse-click in the appropriate cell on your screen, and "then" scan the barcode.

USB Cash Drawer:
Vesario Series
Secure and practical. Features "drawer status" reporting.
- Fully integrated with POV so that employers can produce a report of every instance where the cash was opened, and by whom.

Shuttle Barebone XS36VL
Your database in your store! Features serial ports to connect directly to lab equipment.
- Delivered to you fully configured. Just plug and play! 1TB hard disk. 4GB Memory. Serial and USB ports.
- State-of-the-art protection for your patient records, and optimal performance for your POV application.
- Alternatively, all records are stored remotely, and accessed securely, via the internet.

Frame Labels Price:
Plastic labels for better inventory management
- Plastic labels do not fade over time and are difficult for thieves to remove from frames.
- Specially designed to work with your Datamax label printer.



POV software is free because it is advertiser supported. All advertisements will always be tasteful and are designed in order to boost eye care sales and enhance eye care patient experience.

The types of advertisements include but are not limited to banner ads on the User's interface, print ads on the Rx worksheet for the lab, print ads on the patient's invoice, audio ads during automated telephone calls, text ads incorporated in automated SMS messages, ads on the POV Photo Booth Application and POV Appointment Scheduler plug-in banners, banner ads on the User's corporate website (subsequent to User approval) or any other type of advertisements POV deems suitable.

We are serious about privacy! All patients have to opt-in to patient targeted advertisement.

Supplier EDI:

POV software is also free for optical stores because it is transaction fee supported. Suppliers to optical stores and Users will pay a modest transaction fee for all orders that are forwarded from the POV Store Interface to the POV Supplier Interface.

Electronic processing (EDI) of orders,invoices, shipping, returns, credits, and payments permits both "Eye Care Professionals" and suppliers to better manage their orders and their finances.

IT Services:

Groupe Access: (This is not POV software support)

Founded in 1993, Groupe Access has become one of the leading hardware and information technology (IT) services firms in North America. Groupe Access is known for their exceptional quality, professionalism and expertise.

Groupe Access' experience in the optical industry includes work performed for some of Canada's largest optical retail chains. Groupe Access' technicians are equipped to service all of your network, hardware, software, wiring, back-up, hosting and IT requirements. Groupe Access technicians are trained to support all Point of View recommended products.